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i went to for my dissertation writing but and paid more than £ 700 for my work to get a *** peace of copied internet content.Dr.

Nicola is NOT A DOCTAR and she is a student who claim to write dissertations...the quality of writing was so poor that i got failed and when i claimed my money back she stopped picking up my phone.


Nicola Davis is fraud, please comment if any one else has also suffered with this fraud company.plz DO NOT source your work to this company because they are piece of ***.

Review about: Dissertation Writing.


Bedford, England, United Kingdom #678824

I have no doubt what-so-ever that this is a fake review. make a lot of money out of ‘Reputation Management,’ whereby people pay them to manage these complaints.

There have been many court cases against them. However, the legal responsibility falls on the poster of the false claims and not Therefore, as far as I can tell, no claims against have been won in court. There doesn't seem anything I can do about this review other than defend myself in this reply.

I take plagiarism extremely seriously and you can see a guide on my website for how to avoid fraudulent companies. I also provide information on your legal rights (UK Law) and what to do when things go wrong.

Furthermore, I would highly recommend that any student submitting work carries out a plagiarism check beforehand. I personally use Copyscape and Viper, both of which are paid for accounts available online. I provide all of my customers with copies of these plagiarism checks to confirm originality.

If anyone has any specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.




the quality of writing was so poor that i got failed

"end quote"

Viewing your writing skills above I can see why you received a failing grade. How can you say someones writing skills are poor when you can't spell the word Doctor. It would be very easy for a teacher to see you didn't write a paper by knowing your writing skills.

What really happened was the paper you turned in was so much better that your original work, you got caught. Paying for information is one thing but passing it off as yours is quite another.

Oldham, England, United Kingdom #665352

I have looked at their website and you shouldn't have been passing it off as your own anyway. Clearly you didn't read the agreement.


Please could you let me know who you are? I've never dealt with anyone with that email address. Further, I have never delivered plagiarised work.

Dr Nicola Davies


Sorry, you're not going to garner much sympathy because you got ripped off trying to cheat. You do realize you're supposed to write your own dissertation right?!?

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